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In many ways, I think we all grow up with a Disney princess view of marriage.  You’re a damsel in distress, a charming prince saves the day, you get married, and the story goes on “happily ever after.”  This is a surface level, shallow view of marriage.  It lacks that supernatural quality about it, in my opinion.  It lacks the sacredness, the depth.  We have been fed a watered-down, bland, childish view of marriage in our culture.  Marriage, we are told, is all about romantic love;  you know, the fluttery, feel good stuff. By propping up this version of marriage, we are cheating ourselves.  We are settling for less and it’s leaving us with a heap of broken, unhappy, joyless, selfish marriages.  There is a better way.

What if we viewed marriage differently?  What if understood our role to be the keeper of our spouse’s soul?  I didn’t even think about this when I first married.  I didn’t understand the magnitude.  Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church and as I’ve grown in my understanding of marriage and all that it entails, I’ve come to see that Dustin and I are to mirror Christ’s love.  It really is a beautiful teaching.  My job, as Dustin’s wife, is to guide him to heaven.  He is to do the same for me.  We do that by offering each other the kind of unconditional, sacrificing, forgiving, selfless love that Christ offers us.  When we do this only blessings flow.


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