Serious amyI know what bad dating looks like.  Boy, do I ever.  It’s a long, detailed story that deserves telling, because I think it can help those who are about to start dating, those who are already dating, or those who are parenting teens through this time of life.  The dating memories of my teenage years are painful, but I’m not here to wallow in my sob story.  No, this is where I teach, encourage, and help guide others through dating.  Am I a dating expert?  Certainly not.  But, I did go through some tough stuff and came out on the other end with a different outlook on the whole situation than most people would take.  I suffered, yes, but with God’s help I have chosen to take that suffering and turn it into a mission to help others.

We don’t teach our kids about dating.  We help them get into the best pre-school, we make sure the schools they attend are institutions of quality education, we thoroughly research colleges with our children, but with dating…we just let them go, hoping all turns out well.  We need to equip our kids with knowledge about dating and inform them on what good dating and bad dating looks like.  This is an important topic and one that I hope I can shed some light on.

After years of bad choices, hardships, and inner turmoil, I found a good man.  He is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.  So good, in fact, that 14-years ago he became my husband.  It’s all because I had to learn that I was worth having a good man.  I had to learn that my past does not define my present.  I had to learn that God can heal all wounds if we allow Him and He will bless us if we invite Him into our hearts.

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