Book: The Abominog



The year is 1969 and two best friends, Kirk and David, are enjoying the most of their carefree summer in a small, rural town in southeastern Kansas.  Life is pretty predicable, until one day, while playing catch in David’s basement, the boys are startled by a mysterious voice.

Soon, Kirk and David are confronted with something straight out of the worst nightmare ever dreamt.  David is challenged with an impossible task, one that if failed, will result in death.

This is a story of true friendship and will leave you asking yourself just how far you would go to save a friend.

Dive into a mysterious adventure tale that will leave young readers anxiously awaiting to see if David can save his best friend, Kirk.  An ideal book for boys and girls between the ages of 8-13.


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“Basements can be scary things:  Dark, damp, crawling with six- or eight-legged creatures, and always slightly mysterious.  I have yet to meet a pleasant, welcoming basement.  Some basements are small, left only to storing holiday decorations, outgrown clothes, and knick-knacks collected throughout the years that will eventually make it out to be sold in a garage sale.  Some are made into living space.  And I guess those basements are fairly comfortable, but there is always something lonely and neglected about spending time under the ground.

If you live in the Midwest, like I do, basements are a must, providing a haven in a summer thunderstorm which threatens to build into a destructive tornado.  But there are some that create stories just by their existence.  I had one of those basements, and on one hot, July day my average summer turned into an unexpected and dangerous adventure for me and my best friend, Kirk.”  –David



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