Why I Love Being Catholic: Chloe from Old Fashioned Girl

This year I’m featuring Catholics and asking them why they love being Catholic. The first gal up this year is Chloe. Chloe and I became connected when she interviewed me about miscarriage on her podcast “Letters to Women.” I found out she lives in Kansas, my home state. Her husband went to Kansas State University, which is my alma mater. He, also, is an engineer just like my husband. After reading through several of her blogs, I’ve pretty sure that we could gab over coffee for hours. We have a lot in common. 

Chloe is young, but she has so much going on. She’s newly married, just having celebrated her first anniversary. She writes all over the place and does a podcast. I’m so impressed by her enthusiasm. She is light years ahead of where I was at her age and I’m so happy she’s out there talking about important issues. We need voices like hers. You can find Chloe over at Old Fashioned Girl. Be sure to find her on Facebook, Instagram and her podcast is a good one. So, let’s find out why Chloe loves being Catholic… 


1. Are you a cradle Catholic or a convert? If a convert, what did you convert from?

I’m a cradle Catholic. When I was in high school, I’d go to youth conferences and hear amazing conversion stories from speakers and friends. I wished I had an incredible conversion story to tell, too. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the beauty of being a Catholic all of my life. I was incredibly blessed to be raised in a Catholic home, and can’t thank my parents enough for the gift of faith they’ve given me.

2. Why do you love being Catholic?

Without a doubt, the thing I love the most about being Catholic is the Eucharist. Our Protestant brothers and sisters often talk about a relationship with Christ. But what the Catholic Church offers is intimacy with Christ through the Eucharist. His real presence in the Eucharist is the reason that I know the Catholic Church is the truth.

3. Who is your favorite saint and why?

Oh gosh, this question is like asking a mom to pick her favorite child! I grew up learning about the saints from a very young age, so I’ve always considered them all my friends. But if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say Saint Pope John Paul II. His writings on Theology Of The Body helped shape my view of human sexuality. His commentary on the feminine genius has led me to embrace my femininity. When Joseph (now my husband!) and I were dating, we picked JPII as the patron saint of our relationship. We love him – how couldn’t you? He loved camping and skiing, was savagely authentic, and had such a love for the church.

4. What has been the best Catholic place you have visited? What’s a place you hope to visit?

The best Catholic place I’ve spent time at is Saint Isidore’s Catholic Campus Center in Manhattan, Kansas. When Joseph and I were dating, we both went to different schools. I earned a degree in History from Washburn University in Topeka and Joseph worked on his engineering degree at Kansas State. When I would visit him, St. Isidore’s welcomed me in with arms wide open. We were blessed to get married there, and I love visiting the center now, after we’ve graduated, and thinking back to all the moments where I encountered Christ through the students there.

Visiting Italy is on Joseph and I’s ‘five year plan’ list. I love art and history, and can’t wait to experience the beauty that Rome has to offer!

5. What’s a myth or misconception about Catholicism that you hear often? What’s the truth of the matter?

One misconception I hear a lot is how the Catholic Church “hates women.” A lot of people will point to a lack of women in the priesthood as an explanation for this claim, but I couldn’t disagree more. The Catholic Church holds Mary (a woman!) in such high regard and recognizes her role in Salvation History like no other religion. Countless women saints are honored daily in the liturgy, and (thank you, JPII!) the feminine genius that women possess is respected and honored in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church honors the dignity of women beautifully, she doesn’t hate women at all.

6. Aside from receiving the Eucharist, what’s your favorite part of Mass?

Haha, the Eucharist is definitely my favorite moment! But, if I had to pick a second favorite, I’d say singing the “Holy, Holy.” It’s the moment in the Mass where we get to sing the same song that the angels and saints are singing before the throne of God. After we lost our son to miscarriage, this is the moment in the Mass where I get to praise God with Marion, using the exact same words. I love it!